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Stakeholder Engagement: Workshop

This one-day workshop explores the crucial contributions stakeholders can make to projects and suggests techniques for their precise identification and management.

The case for stakeholder management

The concept of stakeholder can easily become over-inclusive and provide no real guide for action. However, properly defined and managed the stakeholder can become an integral part of project management and a valuable resource for success.

Identifying your stakeholders

The first step in stakeholder engagement is to identify who are the key stakeholders and how they can contribute to your project.  We start to look at how this might work in your environment.

Analysing stakeholder positions

The next step is to understand their perspectives and values, and the languages, metrics, and criteria by which they recognise project success. These will often differ markedly from those of the project manager.

Power and politics

It is important to understand the nature of the power base of your stakeholders with respect to the project if you are to influence them effectively.  Politics in projects is inevitable and project managers must adopt an appropriate approach to work with and through organisational politics.

Stakeholder planning and execution

Stakeholder engagement plans offer a framework within which relationships and expectations can be managed through appropriate action and focused communication. Continuous monitoring and an explicit programme for influence are crucial.

Stakeholder management – the barriers

One of the big challenges in stakeholder management is putting what you know into action.  One of the biggest barriers can be your own personal style and ‘comfort zone’.  This final session explores the barriers and allows you to identify your own personal action plan for taking the lessons learned forward.

Stakeholder Engagement: Online workshop

Workshop outline

This online event invites you to bring your own experiences and real-life challenges into play with a set of structured learning events and personal reflections.

 The three workshops

Each workshop is 90 minutes in duration and will be conducted on Zoom.  You may also be requested to interact via Mentimeter – further information will be provided on how you can sign on to both of these applications.

Workshop 1: Diagnosing the stakeholder characteristics of your projects

Exercise 1: Diagnosing my project position (30-minute personal reflection)

Workshop 2: Understanding stakeholder positions

Exercise 2: Analysing my stakeholders (30-minute personal reflection)

Workshop 3: From communications to the engagement plan

Exercise 3: Sharing my learning (15-minute personal reflection)

Preparing for the workshop

All you need is you and your experiences for this workshop! Before the day you might like to reflect on the last three projects you have been involved with:

Essential Skills: Stakeholder engagement

If stakeholders matter, then they must make a difference to the way we plan, structure, communicate, and execute our projects. Do they on your projects?

PiCubed delivers workshops with a stakeholder-centric focus on the management of projects. Why do stakeholders matter on your projects? How do you identify stakeholders; near-term and long-term? How do you diagnose the roles and agendas of stakeholders with respect to your project? What approaches are most effective for the different projects you are faced with? And how can meaningful engagement be achieved?

Using case studies from around the world, we illustrate what goes wrong when stakeholders are not engaged successfully, and what amazing things happen when they are. We can learn lessons from both!

We encourage you to bring along your own project stakeholder issues and we will facilitate discussions on the application of stakeholder analysis and modelling tools which are relevant to your projects.

Stakeholder-led project management: Changing the way we manage projects is written by Louise Worsley, the workshop leader. It was published in 2017 and describes practical approaches to stakeholder engagement across a range of projects, change initiatives and social development programmes. This book is provided to attendees of our stakeholder workshops.

Workshop format

Workshops are tailored to your needs and delivered in the medium which best suits your participants.

Click the links below for example workshops approaches:

Online workshops

Face to face workshop

If you are an individual then these courses will soon be available as online courses through Udemy.

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Networking and stakeholder engagement

The young entrepreneur’s event was set up by Honeycomb and hosted by The Pepper Club in Cape Town.

Louise spoke on networking and stakeholder management and what lesson from project management may be appropriate to entrepreneurs.  You can find the presentation slides here.

Networking and stakeholder engagement from Louise Worsley

Stakeholder-led projects: Book review


Stakeholder-led Project Management [Book Review]

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