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Essential Skills: Benefits and the Business Case

Business cases are the basis for project governance.  How good are yours?

PiCubed delivers workshops on what needs to be done pre-project, in-project, and post-project to develop business cases that support decision-making by portfolio committees; sponsors, and their project boards; and change leaders, agents, and managers.

The business case is the basis upon which crucial choices are made as to how best to invest the resources of an organisation.  Its purpose is to set out the cost risks, the risk to the benefits, and the sources of uncertainty.  It is also a vehicle of communication between stakeholders, to the project team, and to the recipients of the change the project is expected to deliver.

The core of every business case is how well it defines and quantifies the expected benefits; how well it sets out the risks, and how well it enables the rational selection between actions, based on securing the best return from the investment made.

So, the focus of these workshops on business cases is how to construct benefit cases; what tools and techniques are useful; when to establish the benefits; and who needs to be involved in the different stages of business case development.

Using case studies, we look at why so many business cases fail their governance role: what management drivers lead to business cases that over-focus on cost; how the desire to make a business case ‘compelling’ impacts the process; and the consequences of using a business case to justify a management ‘preference.  We also look at the role of a well-structured business case on the conduct of a project within a project portfolio.

We encourage you to bring along examples of business cases from your organisation and we will facilitate discussions on the application of benefits modelling tools that are relevant to your projects.

Workshop format

Workshops are tailored to your needs and delivered in the medium which best suits your participants.

Click the links below for example workshops approaches:

Online workshops

Face to face workshop

If you are an individual then these courses will soon be available as online courses through Udemy.

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The Lost Art of Project Planning

The Lost Art of Planning Projects is written by Louise & Christopher Worsley, the workshop leader. It was published in 2019 and describes practical approaches to planning within the contexts of programmes, portfolios, and projects, leading to planned or directed change.  It discusses the application of the ideas discussed in these workshops.

A copy of the book is provided to attendees of our Benefits and the Business Case workshops.