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Planning for Modern Projects: Online Example

Online workshops

This online event invites you to bring your own experiences and management challenges into play using a set of structured learning events, zoom-mediated interactions, and personal reflections.

The three workshops

Each workshop is 90 minutes in duration and will be conducted on Zoom.  You may also be requested to interact via Mentimeter – further information will be provided on how you can sign on to both of these applications.

Workshop 1: Plans and planning

Exercise 1: Creating a project plan (Using your own or another’s project)

Workshop 2: Planning for success

Exercise 2: Determining the hierarchy of constraints for a project

Workshop 3: When planning is hard

Exercise 3: Developing effective project logs (using your own or another’s project)

Preparing for the workshop

All you need for this workshop is you and your experiences!  Before the day, you might like to get hold of a project plan that you consider to be a good example of a project plan or one you would like to analyse or improve.