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Learning and development

stones_stacked“Sometimes, when learning precedes experience it doesn’t make sense right away”, Richard Bach

Personal development must ultimately affect the attitudes and beliefs of the participants, otherwise the impact on their performance and their behaviour fades quickly.   New knowledge is lost without a context within which it is useful, and skills are never properly formed without practice.  So many training providers, so many training courses, offer little more than lists to learn and token tasks to try out, and their value back in the workplace, even when very  intensive and leading to accreditation, is low.

With PiCubed’s business and university background, the focus of all we do is to alter the capability of an organisation and the individuals working in it.   Using a variety of techniques, and sensitive to the different learning styles of people, our learning events, whether structured courses, workshops or informal coaching sessions, have  high impact.  The purpose of every learning event is to provide ‘accelerated experience’ and to challenge the participants to actively better their own and others’ performance.

In the change and project management communities we specialise in, we go well ‘beyond method’ to develop memorable models, highly relevant approaches to making good judgements, correct decisions and effective actions.  Participants take away the lessons learned from their professional peers from across the world; they take away tools and techniques they can immediately deploy in their workplace; and a permanent connection to the expertise and support of PiCubed.

Essential Skills Workshops

PiCubed’s Essential Skills Workshops are aimed at practicing project managers.

They take you beyond method and theory and provide practical approaches based upon real expertise in applying techniques on projects and programmes.

Each masterclass is made up of a combination of short presentations, reflections and discussions on how to make this work in your own environments.


The following workshops are available in online and face to face format. For further information, just click on the link.

Stakeholder engagement

Benefits and the business case

Portfolio and programme management

Planning in modern projects