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Stakeholder management

extended-smIf stakeholders matter, then they must make a difference to the way we plan, structure, communicate, and execute business decisions.

PiCubed has prepared a series of workshops that prepares individuals and organisations to carry out effective stakeholder-centred analysis and engagement.  It looks at both corporate and project models, focusing what is in common and what is different between the two approaches.

Using case studies from around the world, it illustrates what goes wrong when stakeholders are not engaged successfully, and what amazing things happen when they are.  Lessons are learned from both.

The workshops demonstrate, discuss and practice the application of stakeholder analysis and modelling tools, leaving the participants with a very practical understanding of which techniques may be beneficially applied in their own business circumstances.

book-imageStakeholder-led project management: Changing the way we manage projects is written by Louise Worsley (PiCubed consultant) was published in 2016 and describes practical approaches to stakeholder engagement across a range of projects, change initiatives and social development programmes.

This learning is available as facilitated workshops.

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